Some Students have Issues playing Video

Teacher's only have the platform as a tool to upload their courses and cannot troubleshoot your system. Try the following if you are having issues:

Make sure you enable flash!!

Try a New Web Browser

Sometimes lesser-known (or out-of-date) web browsers can cause issues when playing course videos. We always recommend using an updated version of Chrome or Firefox. If needed visit if you want more info on what browser you’re using.

Test Internet Speed

Sometimes a slow Internet connection can cause videos to not play properly. Visit to see if their internet connection speed is the culprit. Or simply try connecting to another WiFi network to see if the problem resolves.

If on Mobile, Switch to a Computer

While Teachable course videos can play on mobile devices, it is not a fully mobile-friendly experience at this time. It will not work the same as it does in a web browser. For instance, videos will not autoplay on mobile devices as they will on a desktop browser.